Chomsky: “Ukraine is no longer a free actor, it depends on what the US determines

Speaking to the prestigious British magazine ‘New Statesman’, Noam Chomsky did not mince words in blaming the United States and NATO for the conflict in Ukraine, noting that the Russian side is fighting “in moderation” as opposed to the massive destruction it led to. USA ahead in the invasion of Iraq.
Chomsky, one of the most critical voices when it comes to Washington’s foreign policy, said that it is the US and the UK who have “refused” to negotiate peace in Ukraine, in order to promote their own national interests .
” Ukraine is not a free player ; it depends on what the United States determines,” says the linguist, adding that his country supplies the Kiev regime with weapons to weaken Russia.

“For the United States, this is a deal. For a fraction of the colossal military budget, the United States can downgrade (…) the military forces of its only real military adversary,” said the academic.

In this sense, the linguist praises Russia’s actions in the conflict for its restraint and moderation, comparing it to the brutal invasion led by the US and the UK in Iraq in 2003.

The large-scale destruction of infrastructure seen in Iraq, he argues, “has not happened in Ukraine.”

And he explains: “Russia could certainly do it, presumably with conventional weapons. It could make Kiev as uninhabitable as Baghdad was, it could go on to attack supply lines in western Ukraine.”
The New Statesman reporter points out that when he wanted to press Chomsky about whether he was implying that Russia was fighting in a more humane way, the political scientist stated categorically: “I’m not suggesting that, it’s obvious.”
Chomsky recalls that the United Nations (UN) inspectors had to be withdrawn after the invasion of Iraq began because “the attack was so severe and extreme… That is the style of warfare of the United States and the UK .”
 Later in the report, the thinker regrets that foreign dignitaries have not visited Baghdad as they have traveled to kyiv, despite the fact that the situation on the ground is totally different.

“When the US was tearing apart Baghdad, did foreign leaders go to visit Baghdad? No, because when the US and UK go to war, they go for the jugular. They destroy everything: communications, transportation, energy, shock and wonder, everything that makes society work”, distinguishes Chomsky.

Asked about what a possible agreement between Russia and Ukraine could look like to achieve peace, Chomsky mentioned that the first thing is that Ukraine is not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) .
“This is the red line that all Russian leaders have insisted on since [Boris] Yeltsin and [Mikhail] Gorbachev,” he explains, adding that Ukraine should offer “a degree of autonomy” to Donbas and that the question of the status of the Crimean peninsula can be discussed later (in the past, Chomsky has indicated that the will of its inhabitants is to belong to the Russian Federation, as demonstrated by the 2014 referendum).
The international analyst also questioned Finland’s accession to NATO ( which became official on April 2 ) and Sweden’s intention to form part of the international military alliance, for which Turkey’s approval is lacking.
For the author of What Uncle Sam Really Wants, the reason behind these realignments is linked to the military industries of both countries, since this scenario guarantees “great new market opportunities [and] new access to advanced equipment.” To think that this has anything to do with the conflict in Ukraine, he explains, is to believe “Western propaganda.”
Chomsky: "Ukraine is no longer a free actor, it depends on what the US determines
Chomsky: “Ukraine is no longer a free actor, it depends on what the US determines


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