How to Stop itching on Body with Expert Advice

A skin condition causing intense itching at night due to mites. It spreads easily within households and can lead to bacterial infections if left untreated. The treatment involves using a lotion called 5% PERMETHRIN, applying it overnight and washing it off in the morning.

All family members should undergo treatment to prevent recurrence. Additionally, bedding and surrounding items should be washed to eliminate mites from the environment. A cautionary note advises keeping the lotion away from children as it is toxic if ingested.

In children and adults, the itching of the skin that prevents sleeping all night, which we call Scabies. Why does this disease occur and what is the treatment for it at home? Today, in this blog post, we provide you with complete information about the treatment of this disease called scabies.

Scabies is caused by a special type of Worm that can spread from one person to another by sleeping in one place. This particular type of Worm is called Sarcoptes Scabiei.

It burrows under the skin, forming small tunnels. When it moves there and lays eggs, it causes a lot of itching. Especially when you are sleeping at night, the itching is very intense. The parts of the body that it affects include the fingers, private parts, abdomen, and the backside of the body.



It is often observed that if one person in the household, whether a child or an adult, has this disease, it spreads to other people in the household.

Due to this Worm, itching is very intense at night because the mite starts moving during the night, causing intense itching, and sometimes the itching is so severe that repeated scratching leads to bacterial infections on the skin.

Scabies in body
Scabies in body


Now let’s talk about what the treatment for Scabies, meaning skin itching, is. So whenever someone in the household, whether a person or a child, has this itching, treat all household members.

If you only treat one person with this itching disease and do not treat other household members, this itching disease will continue to circulate throughout the household and will not end. And if no symptoms of this itching disease are seen in the household, treatment is still necessary whenever it is necessary.

How to Stop itching on Body

Treatment of skin itching disease:

The lotion you need to use for the treatment of this disease is called 5% PERMETHRIN. This is a special type of medicine that comes in the form of lotion and needs to be applied all over the body below the neck.

When you apply this lotion, it may cause more itching after 2 days, so do not worry because when this lotion is applied, chemicals are released from it, sometimes causing more itching after a few days. But when the Worm dies, the itching gradually decreases. This is the natural course of treatment.

Method of applying this lotion:

The method of applying this lotion is that during the night, apply it thoroughly all over the body, especially the part of the body where itching is occurring.

This lotion should remain on the body for 8 to 12 hours, and in the morning, children or adults should bathe. And all family members should apply this lotion and bathe in the morning.

And after 1 week, this same course should be repeated, meaning this lotion should be applied twice in total and bathe in the morning.

Apart from this, all the bedsheets and blankets in the house should be washed once with warm water, and surrounding items should be cleaned because as long as this mite remains in the environment, it can cause repeated infections.

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This lotion is like poison. Keep it away from children’s reach. This lotion is only for applying on the body; no child should drink it. It is essential to keep it away from children.

I hope this information proves to be very helpful to you. If you liked this blog post, be sure to share it so that others can benefit. Take care of yourself and your children. Goodbye.

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